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You probably have questions about our service. That is perfectly fine and expected. We want you to be very sure of what we provide. Our mission is to partner with you so that you become a long term customer. We have listed below some of the common questions we get on a regular basis. If you don't see your question or concern listed here, that is perfectly fine. Feel free to contact us anytime, our customer service agents will be able to help you with anything you were wondering about and walk you through the booking process.

Does your company offer discounts or specials?

Due to our prices being as low as we can possibly set them it's hard to offer discounts. Our prices are all inclusive and include every fee and tax. Generally, that is where other companies offer "discounts." Not us. Our prices are already discounted. We do, however, offer three hour wedding specials. Call us to find out more about that if you're getting married.

Can we drink alcohol on the party buses?

As long as everybody on the party bus is of legal drinking age then alcohol is absolutely permitted. If there happens to be a mixture of minors and adults, we cannot legally allow alcohol on the vehicle.

Is smoking allowed on your party buses?

No, smoking is not permitted on any of our vehicles. We take pride is keeping our interiors fresh and clean for all of our patrons. Keep in mind you can have your driver stop your vehicle at anytime for a smoke break.

What do you charge to rent your vehicles?

The answer is that our rates vary depending on when you are renting, the size of the vehicle you need, and how long you will need the vehicle. Our courteous customer service representatives will be able to answer any questions about rates once they know your particular situation. When we do give you a price, everything will be included, we don't believe in hidden fees.

I know the date of the event we are going to, how early should I call to book one of your party buses?

Our business has been growing by leaps and bounds. We suggest you call us as soon as you know the date you would require service. That way there is a greater chance that the party bus that fits your needs will be available.

How do I determine which party bus is right for my needs?

The best way to determine which party bus is right for your group is to talk to one of our customer service agents. They are very knowledgeable about our vehicles and will be able talk to you about your options for your group size and your particular use.

How long can I rent a party bus for? I have an event that is going to last 3 hours.

We have a 6 hour minimum rental requirement. You don't have to keep your vehicle that long, but you will be charged for at least 6 hours. For weddings, we do have a 3.5 hour package.

Will there be a bathroom accessible on our party bus?

Our vehicles do not have a bathroom but that is usually not a problem as your driver will stop anywhere you specify for you or anyone in your group to avail yourself of the facilities.

How will our trip proceed in terms of stopping? Will you only take us to the locations we mentioned ahead of time?

We will take you anywhere during your rental time. Your trip rental calls for unlimited stops, unlimited miles.

How far can we go in our party bus, do we have to stay within a certain radius from our start point?

Once your trip begins, you are allotted unlimited miles. The only caveat to that is if your starting place is more than 50 miles from where we are, you will be charged an extra fuel fee.

How do I pay for my rental of a party bus?

We have tried to make that part very easy, we accept a credit/debit card, a traveler's check, a pre-approved bank check, or cash to the driver on the date of service.

I recently entered into a cellphone contract and now I am being charged all of these hidden fees. What kind of hidden fees do you have and how much will they cost me?

The simple answer is this, we do not have hidden fees so they will cost you nothing. This kind of practice goes against our company policy.

What times of the year do you operate?

We are never out of service, we are open and operating 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year.

What are the areas that you provide service to?

We service a very wide area including all of Michigan and Ohio.

Can we go over the 6 hour minimum rental requirement?

Yes, absolutely, as long as you are having fun we want you to continue. You will charged the hourly rate you were quoted for the amount of time you go over.

I don't see my question here, where else can I go for answers?

Our customer service agents can answer any of your questions or concerns so please feel free to give our office a call anytime, it will be our pleasure to serve you.

When can I call your office to reserve a party bus?

We are available to take your call all day and all night, seven days a week.

Who exactly supplies the alcohol?

Alcohol is to be provided by the party-goers. Party Buses Lansing cannot by law provide alcohol to our patrons.

How about food? Can we bring food on the bus?

Absolutely. You're welcome to bring food along with you. You can also stop to get food along the way. It should be noted that you are responsible for minimal clean up so excessive messes may cause extra fees.

Do I have to put money down on my party bus rental?

At the time of booking you will leave a deposit on a valid credit or debit card (with a credit card logo on it). After that, the remainder may be paid with a credit card up to 24 hours before the transportation services are provided. Thereafter, payment must be made via cash upon pick up.

How is tipping calculated?

Tipping is included in the price of your limo, limo bus, or party bus. If you feel like you would like to tip your driver more it is welcomed but not expected.

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