Perry Restaurant & Bar Guide

Perry Corners Diner

3034 Lansing Road
Perry, MI 48872
(517) 625-5566

Sometimes all you truly care about is whether your food is tasty and we can honestly say that you will find everything at 3034 Lansing Road spot on in that department. Beautiful d├ęcor and ambiance you will not find, but fantastic everything else makes up for it. It doesn't matter what meal of the day you would like to partake in, this place will more than satisfy you. And while coffee doesn't seem to be a product that we would mention in a review, we have to here because it is so smooth going down.

China Garden

3060 Britton Road
Perry, MI 48872
(517) 625-6888

If you love the traditional Chinese menu, you will love 3060 Britton Road. They are famous for their Crab Rangoon. Something else this place is famous for that you will be happy to hear about is how many meals you will be able to squeeze out of one order. Plan on having leftovers for a least two additional meals. The prices are very reasonable as well. While this is not a place to take a date for a romantic night out, this is a place for good food that will satisfy.

Cafe Sports

710 North Main Street
Perry, MI 48872
(517) 625-6060

Cafe Sports is a one of th best. This place has a great sports bar atmosphere. They have have a sand volley ball court out back if you feel like bumping the ball around. The menu is huge and offers you everything you would expect and more. This would be a good place for many different types of events, a business dinner, a date night, or just hanging out with friends. There is plenty of room for larger groups as well with 21 large screen televisions. Check out this intimate pub-style atmosphere at 710 North Main Street.

Tammy's Bakery & Cafe

115 South Main Street
Perry, MI 48872
(517) 625-4001

You can never go wrong with homemade, never. Absolutely everything at 115 South Main Street is made from scratch and is yummy to the tummy. The choices on the menu will not chock you in any way, but they are all well prepared and very tasty. And everything is fresh, nothing stale here. The atmosphere is cheerful and very clean. You will be treated like you are royalty as the staff actually cares if you have a satisfying time or not. And guess who walks around checking on you? That is right, Tammy herself.

Diane's Country Kitchen

329 North Main Street
Perry, MI 48872
(517) 625-4404

What a unique and inviting environment. There just aren't many of these places left. You will feel like you have entered a time portal and traveled to another time and place. You will get the sense that you are in a simpler time where people cared about different things like simple country cooking. Their breakfast food will make you feel like you are sitting in Grandma's kitchen. The service staff at 329 North Main Street will make you feel very special and that is always worth a trip.

Charlie's Bar and Grill

136 North Main Street
Perry, MI 48872
(517) 625-3323

You can't beat a small town atmosphere. Part of the reason for that is the friendliness and when you visit 136 North Main Street, you will definitely be made to feel like you are one of the family. The wait staff is just excellent at what they do and are very courteous and attentive to your needs. There is much more than burgers and fries here as well so the menu will surprise you. You can't beat the pizza that is for sure. Walk inside of this very welcoming place and check out what you have been missing.