Brooklyn Restaurant & Bar Guide


114 N. Main Street
Brooklyn, MI 49230
(517) 938-8733

The tradition of public houses is carried on well at 114 N. Main Street. You will get a welcome unlike many you have ever seen anywhere. What the owners have successfully created here is a comfortable and fun setting. From great pub cuisine to and assortment of micro brews and beverages, you will find that everything they provide for you will satisfy. What Shady's really wants to do more than anything else is to forge a relationship with you. They appreciate loyalty and it will be rewarded.

Cherry Creek Cellars

11000 Silver Lake Highway
Brooklyn, MI 49230
(517) 592-4663

Now, this is one of the most interesting experiences that you will ever have. Nestled in the Irish Hills area at 11000 Silver Lake Highway, this is a destination for wine lovers. What makes this especially unique is the fact that it is located in a historic 1870 schoolhouse. Everything is bottled on site for you. The shop has many fine Michigan products. They serve appetizers and an exquisite glass of wine while you check out the picturesque vineyards. Talk about being able to relax, now is your chance.

JR's Hometown Grill & Pub

11551 Brooklyn Road
Brooklyn, MI 49230
(517) 592-8030

When we think of JR's Hometown Grill & Pub, we think of unsurpassed excellence. The mindset of the ownership is simple: to give their patrons the best meal at the best price with the best service. No matter what you might be looking for, 11551 Brooklyn Road has it all. Great steaks, mouth-watering ribs, tacos, prime rib, burgers, and more. One thing that you will want to make sure of when you visit JR's is that you are hungry because the portions served are absolutely huge. As you leave you will find yourself singing home home the range with a big smile on your face.

Jerry's Pub and Restaurant

650 Egan Highway
Brooklyn, MI 49230
(517) 467-4700

Located in the heart of beautiful Irish Hills at 650 Egan Highway, the deck at Jerry's Pub and Restaurant is a happening place in the summer. Not only does the venue provide spectacular views, you can savor some of the best food this side of the Mississippi River. One of their signature dishes is their prime rib which the amazing cook staff expertly prepares. The wait staff is fantastic, very pleasant and attentive to your every need. Of course their seafood is to die for so when you do pay them a visit, it is going to be a very rough choice with so many great possibilities.

Poppa's Place

208 S. Main Street
Brooklyn, MI 49230
(517) 592-4625

If you really love fish, this is the place for you. They have an all you can eat option and when you bite into their beautifully prepared whitefish, cod, salmon, perch, or tilapia, you are going to love the fact that you have that option. The atmosphere at 208 S. Main Street is very friendly and the service will make you smile because they treat you so well. But probably the greatest thing about this establishment is the feel, you have a sense that you have been there before and that they know you, this is a must stop.

Harold's Place

10625 US Highway 12
Brooklyn, MI 49230
(517) 467-2064

Everyone needs to start the day out with a great breakfast. And among many things that are great at Harold's Place, located at 10625 US Highway 12, are their breakfast's especially their Texas Toast. This is not a fancy atmosphere by any means, it is a good down home place with friendly people and staff and wholesome food. But lest you think all they have is breakfast, we also have to tell you about lunch and dinner. Their signature dish is the Alaskan Whitefish Dinner. After one visit you're sure to make this a regular stop.